Hi, I'm Tristan McDonald 🌞

I design to help people understand the services they rely on, and I write codebases that I'll be glad to revisit in a decade.

I'm a 39 year-old professional with 13 years of experience working in software, and more in design, logistics, and management.

In teams I communicate clearly and work respectfully. I design appropriate user interfaces, I write readable and robust code, and I enjoy finding flexible solutions to systems architecture problems.

My main contribution to open-source is my framework for designing and building maintainable frontends, Tenet CSS.

I have worked extensively with Django and custom Python applications. My expertise is in advanced CSS, design-in-code, data modelling & templating for applications, and writing behavioural JS.

My clients include the United Nations, various NHS trusts, Oxford University, and University of Bristol.

I come from a family of communication designers, have worked freelance as a designer in parallel to my other career roles, and have been building web applications since the nineties. I've lead design workshops at Oxford University, and I designed the beta version of the NHS style guide.

I founded and ran a small software agency for five years, I worked as Principal of Frontend Engineering & Design at a software company in Bristol, and I now work for an international fintech organisation.